Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PET Scan Results

Cue Destiny's Child 'cause I'm a Survivor!!

My PET scan showed that all my tumors are gone!! I'll meet with my Radiation Oncologist on Monday to schedule out my radiation treatments. I'll do daily radiation treatments for 2-4 weeks to kill any residual cancer cells that may still be lingering.

I'll get my port removed before the end of the year. I'll follow up with my oncologist in 3 months just to check in. Then I'll have another scan (probably just a CT scan) 3 months after that (so, 6 months from now).

We are super excited and are ready to celebrate!! Thanks for everyone who sent messages and prayers today!



  1. I love that song and I love that you have had such a victory! Yay!

    Dede Bonelli