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Welcome!  I'm a 30-year old woman who has just beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

If you're here because you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with cancer, I'm so sorry.  It's a scary thing to learn, but I promise you'll get through it!  A positive attitude and a good support system are important.  It's so hard to ask for help, but let your friends and family help in any way they can.  I promise, it will make life so much easier!

I am currently cancer-free, but blogged about my journey on this site.  Feel free to look around!  I've listed my posts out by topic here.  As always, comments and questions are ALWAYS welcome :)

How I was diagnosed (including ultrasound, CT scan, needle biopsy, and surgical biopsy)
About Lymphoma - also visit The Mayo Clinic for tons of great info

Tests (PET scan; heart and lung tests)

My experience: Chemo #1, #2, #3, #4
Chemo Side Effects:  Mouth Pain, Constipation (these weren't my ONLY side effects, but these were the two worst that I dedicated blog posts to!)
Neupogen shots (to boost my low white blood cells); another post here

Knowing I'd lose some or all of my hair, I started with a fun dye job
Once I started losing my hair (just after chemo #2), I cut my hair short
I didn't end up losing ALL of my hair, here it is at it's worst
And growing back even more: the first time I can go out without a wig or hat!

Radiation #1 (the first one is the longest and most difficult)
Radiation #2 (much easier than #1)

CELEBRATION - party celebrating beating stupid cancer

Light the Night walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; more here too


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