Monday, April 28, 2014

6-month Follow Up CAT Scan

A week ago I had my 6-month follow up CAT scan.  Although my treatment ended 5 months ago, they go 6 months from my last clean scan, which was a PET scan done right after I finished chemo in October.

Today I got the results - how terrible is it that they make you wait a full week after the scan for the results?!  Anyway, it's GOOD NEWS!  My scan was normal and my blood work looks great!

So after 6 months, I'm still in remission!!!!!!!

My first thought was "I can't wait to tell Tracey!"  But I know she already knows and even after all she went through, I know how proud she would be.

So… where do we go from here?  I'll see the doctor again in 3 months and will have bloodwork done then.  In 6 months, I'll have another CAT Scan of the neck and chest along with more bloodwork.  In 9 months I'll see the doc again just for bloodwork, and in a year, I'll see the doc for another CAT Scan.  At that time, we'll determine how often she'll need to see me and how often I'll need to get scans.

Thanks again for all the support, prayers, and words of encouragement!


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