Monday, November 18, 2013

Facing the Hair Reality

I had a tough reality check this weekend: I miss my hair.

For the first time in months, I got dressed up and headed out for dinner and drinks in downtown Indianapolis with a group of friends.  Most of the time I wear a baseball hat or a comfy slouch cap since I'm not comfortable being out in public without a hat.  But for "special occasions" I wear this fedora:

Here I am with a few of my beautiful friends (sorry guys, they're all taken)
All night I found myself admiring all my girl friends and their long beautiful hair, full eyebrows, and luscious eye lashes (all things I no longer have) - and their ability to leave the house without a hat.  My hair loss had never really bothered me until then.  I think the reason it hit me so hard that night is because my hair isn't really growing back in yet.  I know it will, but guess I didn't think it would take this long (my darn optimism got me again!).  Plus I'm sick of hats.

I shed one or two tears when I got home that night and decided I needed to do something about it.  I haven't decided yet what that "something"is… In all honesty, I may just end up shaving my head and starting from scratch.  But I'm considering a short pixie style hair cut.  Hey, Jennifer Lawrence did it and she doesn't even have cancer!

One of my radiation technicians told me I look like her, so maybe I'll try to look even more like her!
Here are a few shots of how my hair looks now:

After shower (yes, I'm in my bath robe)

I found this mole on my head - I named it Chuck and
consider it good luck :)
Dry hair

From the front (after spending about 10 minutes trying to get it to look this "good")
What's weird is I think it actually looks better in pictures than in real life.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get in with my hairstylist soon and see what she recommends.  I'm 99% certain I will make some sort of change very soon.  I think that if I leave it the way it is, it'll only get more awkward looking as the bald spots fill in.  If I leave it alone, I'm afraid it will be several months before it's "filled in" and I'm comfortable going in public without a head covering of some sort.  And I'm impatient.

I'm taking suggestions, so if you have a hair style idea that might work, please share!  And of course you'll all be the first to see what I end up doing.


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  1. Hi Melissa - boy, do I know how you feel. I think I had about the same amount of hair as you do, and I kept wearing my hats for a couple of months after treatment. I kept the length of mine around chin length, but I think a pixie would be a great solution for you. When the new hair starts growing in, you'll get a nice pouf of volume that would be great with a pixie cut. (Also, kudos for posting pics! I hated how I looked in that state and would not have been able to share photos.)