Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Radiation: Delayed

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever start radiation!  I thought I'd be almost done with radiation at this point, but instead I haven't even started!

I met with the Radiation Oncologist on Monday, October 28.  I had my planning appointment with the radiation technicians on Wednesday, October 30.

The techs said they would call in 3-7 days to schedule my first 10 radiation treatments.  On Thursday, November 7 (8 days later) I finally called them to try to figure out my schedule.  They said they weren't complete with the treatment planning, but would be complete the next day.  On Friday, November 8 they called and said they were still waiting on my insurance to approve the treatment plan but scheduled me for Tuesday, November 12 (today) with the expectation that the insurance approval would be complete by then.

Yesterday, they called and said the approval STILL wasn't in from the insurance company and they needed to reschedule me for Wednesday, November 13.  I have appointments for work on Wednesday morning that I cannot reschedule (nor should I have to!), so they were going to try to "squeeze me in" for Wednesday afternoon.  They called back yesterday and said they were going to try to get the treatment approved this morning and put me back on the schedule for today.

So then this morning, they call and say they won't be able to get treatment approved in time for my appointment today.  So now I'm waiting for them to call me back after my insurance has approved my treatment to schedule me.  I honestly have no idea when that will be.  Tomorrow?  Next week?  Who knows?!

I'm so frustrated.  I'm ready to get this last leg of my treatment started so I can be complete done with treatment and move on with my life!

I got the call - my insurance has FINALLY approved my radiation treatment!  I'll be starting tomorrow (November 13) at 4pm.  If all goes as planned, I'll be finished with treatment two days before Thanksgiving.  Will be a year to be extra thankful!


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