Friday, December 20, 2013

Post-Treatment VACATION!

So, as soon as Josh and I knew when my last chemo and radiation treatments would be, we booked a long weekend trip in Florida.  We thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the completion of my treatment and a nice, romantic weekend for the two of us! This past weekend was that trip and it was wonderful!  We got to leave cold, snowy Indiana and spent one day in Orlando visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, then spent the rest of the weekend at Clearwater Beach.  Here are some pictures from the trip:

Ready to take off!
We left this behind! 
First stop: Islands of Adventure!
That's the Hulk coaster behind us.
I loved all the Christmas decorations at the amusement parks!
Dr. Seuss-ville all decorated! 
Giant tree
Giant ball
Next stop: Universal Studios!
This roller coaster was awesome!
You literally go straight up (on the left of the picture)
before the huge drop (right of the picture).
So scary, yet so fun!
Blues Brothers
Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.
They had these parade balloons displayed all over the park
Christmas parade!
Friday night we arrived in Clearwater.  Josh found some
fresh oysters and a local beer and was happy!  Later that night
we found a sports bar playing the Penguins game.  Great night!
We stayed at this Hilton, right on the beach.
(This is a picture from the pier)
Here's a picture of Pier 60 from our balcony
Another picture from our balcony.
Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day.  We lounged by the pool with
buckets of rum for awhile then lounged by the beach with more
buckets of rums later!
Mmmmm…. buckets…...
Josh finally met his hero.
We had lunch at this little beachside cafe.  Not a bad view, huh?
Saturday night we went to the Sunset Celebration at the Pier.
They have street performers, street vendors, live music, etc.
This is one of the vendors - he creates beautiful paintings with spray paint!
He's so fast and finished this painting in just a few minutes.
Finished product
We walked out to the end of the pier - Josh found a friend.
While on the pier a fisherman caught this hammerhead.
Gross, but cool.
The pier was really windy!
But the sunset was beautiful

Here's another street performer - balancing a sword on
another sword on his forehead...
Flaming whips
Sunday morning we found a little cafe for breakfast
Sunday was a little cooler, but that didn't keep us from drinking
buckets at the beach bar!
Sunday afternoon we found an open-air sports bar and watched football
all day.  My friend Caleb lives in Tampa and came up to visit!
Chocolate covered pretzel shots.  Yummy!
We headed home Monday morning and were very sad.
The trip was so much fun!  Besides Universal Studios on Friday, we didn't really do much - which was perfect!  I felt really good all weekend, just a little tired by the end of each day.  And I was in bed and sound asleep at 8:30 on Monday night after we got home - worn out!  We were so thankful to have been able to take this little trip, it was very much needed!


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