Monday, January 6, 2014

Radiation Oncology Follow-Up

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged - haven't had anything to share!

Last week I had a follow-up appointment with my radiation oncologist.  He just wanted to see me about a month after my last radiation treatment to make sure I was feeling ok.

I did get a little nauseous as I pulled into the parking lot of the Cancer Center.  After a month away from that place, being back just stirred up a lot of emotions.  I don't miss that place!

The appointment went really well - uneventful really.  I feel pretty good at this point; I don't notice being fatigued anymore (that lasted about 3 weeks after treatment, but each day seemed to be better until I was back to normal).  The doc did a physical exam, feeling the lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, and groin.  He said none of them felt enlarged or unusual and since I was feeling back to normal, there was no reason to see him again!

At this point, I'll see my regular oncologist every three months for a couple years and have scans every 6 months for 5 years.  Once I hit 5 years, I'll be considered CURED!  My next appointment is in a couple weeks (January 22) with my regular oncologist.  She'll do a physical exam as well and then I'll have my next scan in April.

Lots of people have been asking about how my hair's coming in, so I'll be posting some pictures very soon.

Many people have asked about the mystery itch, too.  Luckily, it's much better than before.  Our conclusion is that it was a combination of dry skin (exacerbated by the chemo) and stress (it's very common for people post-treatment to worry and stress about recurrence, I can attest to that).  I've been using a great moisturizer called Cetaphil which has helped.  I still take a prescription on occasion that helps with anxiety, relieves itching, and helps me sleep.  I don't take it too often (less than once a week), but it's helpful for when I need it.

2013 has been an interesting year - lots of great things happened: a trip to our favorite city (Key West), an amazing 8 day cruise to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, and kicking cancer's butt.  The year had its challenges as well as I went through months of testing followed by a cancer diagnosis and then treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma (not fun at all).  I leave 2013 behind feeling stronger than I knew I was and more loved than I realized.  I'm really looking forward to a year of good health and I'm hoping to have a great year professionally since I was sick and miserable (and limited to work) for about half the year last year.

Happy New Year everyone.  All the best, and more updates to come!


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