Friday, September 20, 2013

Chemo #3 Day 5

I shared in my last post that my white blood cells (WBC) have dropped again and that I'd be receiving shots this week and next week to boost them.

The shot is called Neupogon and it stimulates my bone marrow to produce more white blood cells.  Side effects are similar to the flu - fatigue, muscle/joint/bone aches, and nausea.  I received three shots this week: one per day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (today).  Then I'll go back next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for shots also.

Yesterday (Thursday), I felt pretty icky most of the day.  I was very nauseous and had sour stomach (as a result of stomach acid) really bad.  Finally in the evening, my stomach started to feel better and I actually developed an appetite.  However the only thing that sounded good to me was Fazoli's breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce (not healthy, I know - but I hadn't eaten all day, give me a break!).  Thankfully my husband is amazing and ran to Fazoli's for me right then and there :)  Once he got home it was like being on Man v. Food... I didn't know how long the nausea would stay away, so I tried to shovel in as much food as I could while I felt good!  I ended up eating some fettuccine alfredo and 3 breadsticks!

Today I got some IV fluids along with my Neupogen shot.  It took 2 hours for them to put in a huge bag of saline, but it was worth it.  I feel pretty decent now and I know the extra fluids will help with nausea, headaches, and constipation over the next several days.  Hoping I feel pretty decent over the weekend!


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