Saturday, September 28, 2013

Neupogen Shots - Round 3

I started my third round of Neupogen shots this week (second round for chemo treatment #3).  As a reminder, Neupogen is the shot given in my stomach to help boost my white blood cells which have dropped due to chemo.  More on my first round of injections here.

This round of shots has been much more painful than the last two.  I started getting the shots on Wednesday of this week and on Wednesday night I had a lot of pain in my breast bone and in my lower spine and pelvis.  It's hard to explain the pain... it's not in my muscles, it's actual pain in my bones.  Very uncomfortable.

I had an early morning meeting on Thursday and as I was driving home I was in tears the pain in my back was so bad.  I took some painkillers and laid down and felt quite a bit better.  My brother was able to give me a ride to get my shot that day and we had ice cream for lunch on the way back :)  The nurses said to continue taking my painkillers every 4 hours for the next several days.  Thankfully the painkillers work to ease the pain, but they make me tired and loopy!

Friday was the last shot in this round.  I'm not sure yet if they'll have me get these shots after my next (and last!!) chemo treatment on Monday.  I really hope not!

Thankfully I've been feeling pretty good besides the bone pain.  I have a little nausea that comes and goes and I still have the occasional indigestion, but nothing bad.


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