Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Glad It's Me

Cancer sucks. Chemo sucks. I'm half way through treatment and it has been an unpleasant experience that I hope none of my friends or family ever have to go through.

But I've never thought "why me?" but rather "I'm glad it's me."

I'm glad it's me and not Porter, Zach, Kate, Charlie, Mia, or any of the many other beautiful children I know and love.  I'm glad it's me and not my husband, my brother, or a parent.  I'm glad it's me and not a friend with kids, one of several friends expecting a child, or those currently trying to get pregnant.  I'm glad it's me and not someone who's had past or continuing health problems.  I'm glad it's me and not someone without financial stability, good health insurance, or a strong support group.

I'm young, strong, and healthy.  I will get through this.

Do I WANT to have cancer? Of course not.  But if cancer HAD to choose someone, I'm glad it's me.


  1. I'm not glad it is you, but I am glad you have such a positive outlook on life. A good friend of mine who was sick a lot,looked around her when she didn't feel good and always could find people that were a lot worse off than her. God makes us go through , sthings for a reason, hopefully we will give him the Glory in the end. We are always stronger, better people for the adversity we go through. Hang in there! God is good, he will bring you through all this!