Thursday, August 1, 2013

Silver Linings, Babe

Yesterday after meeting with my oncologist for the first time, my husband Josh and I stopped for lunch.  We were talking about everything the docs had just shared with us, trying to let it all sink in.  We started joking about everything and talking about all the fun halloween costumes I could have this year (since I'll be bald).  Josh looks at me and says "silver linings, babe."

That husband of mine... he's pretty great.

Today I had my blood drawn (out of my arm for the last time!) - just to retest all of my counts.  They scheduled surgery for the port to be put in on Wednesday next week.  So here's what my weeks looks like:

Monday - I'm getting a massage :)
Tuesday - alllll day appointment: PET scan, heart test, lung test (my awesome father - pictured below - is taking me to these)
Wednesday - surgery to have the port installed (more info here)
Thursday - NOTHING!
Friday - the dreaded bone marrow biopsy
Saturday - my 30th birthday!

Thankfully, I won't have anything to do the following week!  I'll be able to get some work done, visit with some friends, and just relax before starting chemo the following week.  Until next time...


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