Monday, August 5, 2013

Wiggity Wiggity Wack

Wig shopping is weird.

I planned on trying on bright pink and neon green wigs and taking fun pictures... but apparently that's frowned upon.  One of my BFF's Lindsey came shopping with me and the best we could get away with was her impersonating Brett Michaels:

Also, apparently most wig stores in Indianapolis are in the 'hood.  We did not go there.  We started out at St. Vincent Women's Health Boutique.  Before I show you what we found, here's what my hair looks like NOW (sorry, I couldn't find a good pic of just me):

Here's the first one we liked:
Kinda short and kind of soccer mom-ish.  But I could cut some side-swept bangs into it and it would probably be pretty cute.
Then we went to a place called Beauty 4 U.  There was a little Asian lady running the shop and she didn't speak much English.  I didn't have high hopes.  But we found two that we liked:
This one's too dark for my taste, but not bad. 

My favorite!  The color is a little dark, but I may be able to get it in a lighter color.  Probably going to get this one.
The experience wasn't as overwhelming as I though, but it was definitely weird.  I got to try on some hats and scarves and actually found some that are pretty cute.  I'm going to get in touch with the first store (at St. Vincent) and see if they can order it there - it'll be easier for my insurance if they can.  

So, what do you think?!



  1. My first choice is #3, 2nd choice, #1. Love ya! Mom

  2. The one you said was too dark for your taste is my fav, the cut is really nice, very natural, and it frames your face so nice!!

  3. You know how George HW Bush shaved his head to show support for the son of one of his security staff who had cancer? It would be a nice gesture if Josh did that. Then you two could shop for wigs together! Oh, and your fave wig is also my fave.

  4. Yes, the third one is YOU in the right color, but I do like the other two as well, also in your own color! I love, love, love your mindset, Melissa!!!!! You are awesome!!!!!! Take care! Vicki Penn

  5. Christina Martin QuintelaAugust 5, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    I actually really like the first one :) I don't see why you can't a hot pink or neon green one too just for fun! Whatever makes you feel better is what matters :)

  6. I really like the first one as well but all of them look awesome because you have a bright and cheery smile to make them all work!

  7. I really like the first one as well but all of them look awesome because you have a bright and cheery smile to make them all work!

  8. I like the cut of number two the most and the color of number one. They are all cute though. You are such an inspiration, although knowing your personality I should have known you’d be taking this on with a positive attitude and a smile!

  9. I liked the first one. It was a good look but the one you like is cool too!


  10. I like Christina's idea: hot pink and neon green. How about one with thick blonde braids?

  11. I think I like the first one most. I see this as a chance for you to play around and try different looks and reach out of your comfort area. :)

    All three are quite nice, however. Good luck!

  12. No they aren't, Emily, you doodle-brain! Number three is clearly the best! Num-ber Three! Num-ber Three! Go Three!

  13. I liked #1, 2 then 3 in that order. Maybe because #1 is closest to your hair color. But my final vote is for #1 in neon pink!
    Love Momma P